Sunday School 2022

Academic Goals

The most important goal of Sunday School is to establish an atmosphere of love and trust in the Church and teach the children the foundations of the Church’s life so that they become interested in being part of the greater parish family.


Children age 4 and older who were baptized in an Orthodox Church can be admitted to the Sunday School. The school is open each Sunday starting September 12, 2021, through May 22, 2022 (9 months). All classes are held after the Liturgy and lunch from 1 pm to 2:30 pm.

Students and Grades

Age Grade
4-5 years First Grade
6-7 years Second Grade
8-10 years Third Grade
11 years and older Fourth Grade

Children in all grades are taught the Law (Religious Education), Church Choir Singing, as well as Russian language in grades 1-3, and Basics of Old Slavonic language, History, and Geography of Orthodox America and Russia in the 4th grade.


The following activities are planned during the school year:

  • Saints’ Days
  • Feast of Sisterhood
  • Fall Feast
  • Nativity Feast
  • Paschal Feast
  • “Last Bell”
  • Baking of Prosphoras (Altar Bread)
  • Other activities


For questions, please reach out to:

  • School Mentor: Rev. Fr. Ioann (Komisarchuk) (612) 517-7496
  • School Director: Tatyana Bolin (952) 929-9786
  • Sisterhood: Ellada Agadzhanova (612) 616-8034