Fundraising – It’s All About Construction

Thank you to everyone who has already given towards the Renovation and Expansion Project. We have enough funds to start building, but we’ll need to raise $100,000 or more to make sure the next construction season runs smoothly. So we have lots of work to do! Please help! This is a time sensitive situation.

1. Please establish a pledge or make a donation today. Visit the fund raising page below.

2. Talk to your friends. We can reach that $10,000/month if we all chip in! And if we add like-minded friends and loved ones who support Orthodox Christian faith we can far surpass that goal!

3. Ask questions! Would you like to learn more about our project? Send an email to the Church Council (, or see any of its members in church. We can give you more details.

4. Volunteer! A lot of work will have to be done by ourselves and our friends! We need lots of hands to help with this pleasant and much needed work.

This is a great challenge for our parish family, but a completely attainable one if we all pitch in and help just a bit more than before. Please join this effort and help us surpass our goal!

Take a step today! Visit

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