Sunday School

Our Sunday School is Over 65 Years Old!

Our Sunday School was founded even before 1956 when the Russian Orthodox parish of Minneapolis and Saint Paul acquired its own church building on  Franklin Ave. The school was organized by Professor of History Vasiliy Ivanovich Alekseyev who had been teaching children the Law of God, Russian Language, and History of Russia for over 40 years.

It is gratifying to know that with the support of the Rector and Sisterhood, our Sunday School today is holding up to its traditions and maintains the high standards set by its founders a long time ago.

Children of 4 years of age and older attend our school. By studying the Law of God, they get introduced to the Gospel and Old Testament, and learn about interesting facts from the lives of Saints, the basics of the Christian faith, and Christian virtues. They learn prayers, church choir singing, get familiar with church feasts and Gospel stories, as well as study the Russian language. Older kids are also taught the Old Church Slavonic.

Living in a foreign-language environment, Sunday School for us is not about just new knowledge and learning, but foremost it is an opportunity to meet people of like minds, find answers to most concerning questions, and discover together a wonderful world of Christian faith.

To learn more about our Sunday School and to find contact information, go to our 2022-2023 Sunday School Year page.

We welcome all children to Sunday School!