2020 School Year

The Sunday School classes will begin on September 29, 2019.

This year, kids will get acquainted with the theme of building relationships in our lives, and older children will study the Orthodox iconostasis.

In both groups, the main prayers will also be taught, and at the end of the lessons kids will participate in creative tasks.

The content of the programs is officially approved by the Russian Orthodox Church.

The program for younger children talks about how the relationship of love is shown in our lives. The most basic relationships are revealed to children: the homeland, the family, God (the house or temple of God), and the surrounding world of wildlife. At the level of children’s understanding, these relationships are defined by the concept of “kindness”. This is a good world in which everything was arranged by the Creator with love. Man was given the task of preserving and caring for the good world that was bestowed upon him.

The older kids course “Orthodox Iconostasis” includes the following topics: Great feasts in the Eastern Orthodox Church, Faces of Saints. Detailed analysis of the iconostasis device using a paper model.

All classes are held at the Parish House.

We are waiting for your children in our Sunday School!

For more information, please contact the school coordinator, Tatiana Biles, at (612) 802-1059.