Mid-November Update

New Addition Inside Work on the Main Level

  • Nave & Sanctuary drywall hanging continues.
  • Larger crew planned for Saturday and possibly Sunday after Liturgy.
  • Anticipate drywall hanging to be completed by Thanksgiving

Outside Stone Work

  • Exterior furring completed (sufficiently) enabling the precast stone veneer installation to continue
  • It’s about 95% complete


  • Main level is insulated.
  • Lower level insulated in the “old” part. The new addition has not been spray-foamed yet.
  • The parish needs to install steel studs and we are running behind on that.


  • Minneapolis Building Department is scheduled for insulation inspections, 3-ply beam inspection, steel angle supporting metal decking inspection and exterior concrete stair reinforcing inspection on Thursday, 11/20.

New Electrical System

  • Waiting for Xcel Energy to install and connect the the 3-phase transformer

Issue Areas

  • Heating – we are behind in this area. A temporary heating unit and a space heater are used to keep the old worship space comfortably warm.
  • Downstars drywall hanging… This is completely our responsibility and this is our main activity on Saturdays. We urgently ask you to participate in Saturday activities to speed up the process. We are responsible for it!

Upcoming Events – Please Come for a few Hours or Longer

  • Saturday, November 23, starting at 7 AM — drywall hanging, framing in the new basement (if we have enough people), outside cleanup (excavation area)

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