April 12, 2021: Cupola Crosses Blessed and Installed

April 2021: Three Cupola Crosses Installed

April 12th, 2021

Blessings to you All, God-beloved Brothers and Sisters!

Yesterday, a long-awaited event took place. Upon blessing of the Most-Reverend Vladyka Peter, the new cupola crosses were installed on our Church.

The installation succeeded regardless of the rainy weather and the curfew. Despite all the temptations and thanks to your prayers, the Lord sent his mercy upon us – and the crosses now beautify our Church.

The Lord’s blessing was with us this time and we believe He will not leave us either in the future. We have a lot of projects to complete, but we hope for God’s help and your support.

I thank all who participated in this God-pleasing act! Let God and God’s Mother protect you All!



Rev. Fr. Ioann, Rector of St. Panteleimon Church