Being a Christian in Quarantine

We bring to your attention an article that provides important guidelines on the Christian attitude towards the epidemic.

What distinguishes a Christian from a pagan in a disaster situation, why we are sick, and what is worse – physical death or spiritual death – these and other questions are revealed in the article written by Father Stefan Domuschi “How to be a believer in quarantine?”

Why do we get sick?

Rev. Maximus the Confessor describes four causes of the disease: “from God, from the evil, from the weather and from a way of life.” A disease according to God’s providence leads a person to rethink life.

What is more important – personal health or love for one’s neighbor? What is worse than physical death or spiritual death?

You can not belittle the values of health, but for a Christian it is more important “not to lose your soul.” The Christian is afraid not only to die, but above all to do something bad. “If you see that your neighbor needs your help – show your love for him at all costs.”

About the Christian attitude to the gift of life.

People say, “They don’t ask for the cross, but they don’t run from the cross.” Christians are required to take all reasonable steps to preserve their lives. However, if death is inevitable – “do everything so that the demise is Christian.” As an example, the author cites the life of the first Christians who were hiding from tormentors, temporarily lost the liturgy, communed at home and saved their lives. The church supported this behavior.

Following quarantine rules:

Following the quarantine rules will help prevent you from being infected. Also, it’s a form of social responsibility that will help to not infect other people.

Are Christians immune from sickness and suffering?

The Lord did not promise deliverance from physical illnesses; the Lord promised that the Christian way of life would lead a person to salvation. When we believe in God, we do not believe in our physical invulnerability, but the fact that the Lord will be with us through all the trials and tribulations of our lives – the Lord does not leave us, and even allows for difficulties for our salvation.

What to worry about when starting Communion

Preparing for the Sacrament is the Christian’s reflection on whether he is worthy to receive the Holy Gifts, but not on whether he will become infected by a spoon. In Communion, we believe that God comes to us in our unworthiness and gives His Body and Blood for the health of soul and body.

Is it embarrassing to be afraid of getting infected?

The apostle Paul called for understanding and empathy for those “weak” in faith; the most important thing for him was to keep believers in fellowship with Christ.

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