Sunday Rides to Church

We do not see our elderly parish family members at church on Sunday morning every week. In fact, we do not see them all
that often. The reason for this is: they need rides to church.

And they need a little prompting sometimes in this regard since they don’t want to be “a bother”. It is a privilege to serve our elderly parish family members in this way and we need to be quite zealous about it. If you can help organize or participate in this ministry please contact {contact}.

There are not a lot of folks that need rides, but they need to be contacted early in the week to arrange the Sunday ride, assured
that they are not bothering anyone, and they need to be picked up in a timely manner on Sunday morning.

We need several people to help. Please contact Anastasia K. at 612-413-6893 to take part in this very honorable activity – an activity worth waking up early on Sunday morning to participate in.

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